The plains of the Fertile Crescent in Anatolia, where both agriculture and architecture began.

Listen to the soundscape in a
5,000 year-old temple of tombs.


5,000 year old frieze from Tarxien Megalithic Temple, Malta.  One of a pair of six-foot limestone screens currently on display at the Malta National Museum of Archaeology.

Which came first: Agriculture or Architecture?

The answer might surprise you.

From the Middle East to the Atlantic Seaboard, the story of the First Farmers includes the oldest monumental buildings on earth!

Ruins and artifacts from around the world are helping us understand changes that happened in very ancient times;
changes that launched western civilization as we know it today.

We have exciting plans for presenting the birth of agriculture
and ancient folks who changed the world forever:
The First Farmers.

From its inception in 1994, The OTS Foundation held its focus on the prehistoric heritage of the islands of Malta and Gozo: a legacy that was not fully understood locally when Malta first became an independent Republic. For seven thousand years, every major power that sailed the Mediterranean had occupied and ruled in Malta. Suddenly, a scant handful of people became responsible for managing a mind-numbing volume of cultural heritage. Ill-understood, the most ancient and significant collection of ruins in Europe remained "under the radar" for a long time. We are extremely proud to have played a role in bringing Malta's Temples into their own. Over the years, operation of OTSF non-profit cultural tourism to Malta channeled benefits back to the islands.  Our proudest achievements include:
* The initiation of a conservation expert group meeting that launched both plans for protecting the monuments and the creation of Heritage Malta
* The production of educational materials for both teachers and students in Malta to grasp a better understanding of their prehistoric heritage
* The organization of a conference that revived excavation, research and scholarship about Malta's Temple Period
* The administration and organization of world class educational travel in Malta since 1994
* The inception of a series of international multidisciplinary conferences on Archaeoacoustics: sound behavior in ancient space, that are launching a new field of study.

We helped back-breed prehistoric cattle, set up visiting lecturers, funded the University of Malta's Archaeology Laboratory and sponsored its first PhD graduate in Archaeology.
OTSF also helped get the word out with articles and interviews.

 NOTE: Malta's prehistoric farmers were not the first ones, but they left a lot of clues behind that survived.