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Artifact from Gozo, Malta, ca. 5,000 years old
​  photo by Daniel Cilia

How much thought have you really given
​to the value of underwear?

Fashion and what people are wearing is always interesting, but when considering very ancient times, animal skins can only go so far.  When you think about it, we owe quite a bit of our modern lifestyles to the ingenious invention of WEAVING:  
bedsheets, shoelaces, guitar straps, red carpets, duct tape,
​bridal veils, bandages, window screens... just think about it!

Let’s correct a few things:

Many people think weaving is just making potholders in kindergarten. 

Many people also think prehistoric people dressed like Fred Flintstone. 

Many people think ancient Egyptians were the first people to invent textiles.