Chapter 1 - Introduction

Lifestyle – Fashion: Dressing for Expressing, Outfitting the Kitchen, The Bed of Dreams, A New Look at Barley, Tuning the Magic or Hearing Things

Travel – Homing in on CatalHoyuk, barrows in the Land of Setting Sun, An Island with Fairies, Henge and Hindsight, Surprising Caucasus

-  Healing in the Darkness

News – Are you Kidding?  

Discussion/Debate/Think About - Are Shrines More Important than People?  Sacrifice and Mindful Eating

A simple fresh approach
​to a huge subject.

New Video Series!

expanding Early 2021

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Chapter 2 - Beginnings

FICTION - The Giant of Gozo

The first three episodes can be combined for a quick classroom overview of 36 minutes.  Suitable for youngsters and adults.

​A companion story adds 10 more minutes.

Chapter 3 - Long Far Leaving


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