The story is 12,000 years old  and full of surprises, going back even earlier than Stonehenge or the pyramids to start in the days of the earliest Stone Age Monuments and the First Farmers.  

See how agriculture changed the world forever.  Learn about the oldest architecture on the planet, and how feeding the builders changed our way of life.  What do music and fashion have to do with it?  You’d be surprised!  Meet sophisticated vanished societies that made no weapons, built no defensive walls and had no money.  Find out what historic figures probably ate for breakfast!  

Follow a timeline from prehistory right up to national and global brand products of today that have their beginning in ancient Anatolian roots.

How did the very first farmers live?  What did they look like?
What did they eat?   Where did they get their clothing?

What can this have to do with me?

Hands-on activities and a replicated transitional dwelling bring home the message of how far we have come and how much we owe to the daring people who lived before history began. 

Narrative derived from the scholarship of no less than the German Archaeological Institute, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Princeton University, University of Toronto, University of Paris, University of Malta (and more).