17 full color information panels 18" x 24",  with companion text boxes

ca. 12' diameter ring of room-size image 6'6" high

touchscreen audio program with app and speakers

​A New Science and Cultures Never Shown Before

​Want to start a conversation about art, architecture, archaeology, anthropology, history, music, physics?

We can help you start at the beginning.

Inside enclosed limestone chambers that were mankind’s first monuments, there is a natural phenomenon of sound that nobody has paid much attention to in modern times. 
We know what it is.  We’re used to it.  We keep moving.

For the early builders of prehistory, it was something else.  Pursuit of the other-worldly experience may well have been the catalyst of unparalleled change.

Could there be a sound that jump-started civilization? 
​Far-fetched as it seems, the evidence is provocative.

Come listen for yourself.


Featuring original recordings of archaeoacoustic research inside ​a 5,500 year old underground necropolis. 

Hypogeum photography by Clive Vella for Heritage Malta

Free-Standing and Self-Contained

Minimum 400 Sq Ft open area 
Electricity required