Imagine yourself standing inside an extraordinary prehistoric shrine more ancient than Stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt… a time capsule from prehistory, where sound plays tricks and primordial ghosts were artists & architects.   
It’s almost like being on a different planet!
The non-profit OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies has made the fantasy possible in the USA with a multi-sensory replication of just such an experience.   Showcasing a 6,000 year old UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum of Malta, the exhibit uses giant scale images and original sound recorded during scientific research to punctuate the story of Archaeoacoustics:  The Archaeology of Sound. 

 For those who are interested in human history, full color informational panels present a fascinating and compelling premise.   For those who prefer to bypass the hard stuff, it’s just plain fun.   

Featuring original recordings of archaeoacoustic research 
​inside ​a prehistoric underground necropolis. 

Have it for a day or for a week!

(freestanding version requires minimum 30 days installation)


12 ft. diameter canopy with speakers & light system
Equipment cabinet with touchscreen computer
(pre-loaded with applications for lights and sound program)
 subwoofer, 3 retractable banner images 7 ft high
4 high-res vinyl photo panels, 8 ft wide  x 6.6 ft high
18 full color information panels 18 in x 24 in high
(mounted in groups of 3 as freestanding tabletop displays)
2 curved wooden benches, seating 3 persons each
curator for first day 

Additional materials depending on venue space & circumstances.


Hypogeum photography by Clive Vella for Heritage Malta

​Want to open a conversation about art, architecture, archaeology, anthropology, history, music, physics?

This is how you start ​at the beginning.

VIDEO: ​Linda Eneix has a conversation with Gigi D’Amico and Corinne Scala
Exhibit installation at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida.