Non-professional artists of all ages are invited to submit their original work for exhibition at an upcoming international conference in Tomar, Portugal.  

Together, The OTS Foundation of Myakka City, Florida and the Artship Foundation of San Francisco, California will be awarding 200 Euros to the creator of the piece which best illustrates the concept of
Archaeoacoustics: the experience of sound in ancient places. 
(Think antiquity + sound + people, such as Joshua blowing a horn at Jericho or songs in a Roman Temple.  Your own ideas are best.) 

Artists can send more than one work; any medium is acceptable.  Each submission must be A4 size and ready for hanging with Bluetack, with title and artist's name printed clearly on the back.  The winning artist will be decided by vote of the participants of the conference and will be contacted by 10 October, 2017. 

To participate, send your original work plus a signed registration (see sample on this page) to:

Dr. Fernando Coimbra,
c/o The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Quinta do Contador . Estrada da Serra . 2300-313. Tomar . Portugal.  

​All submissions must be received by 31 August.

ARTISTS:  You can cut and paste from this sample registration form to create and print out your own.  Fill in the requested information, sign and enclose with your submission .  We regret that submission that are not accompanied by this registration properly signed, cannot be considered and will not be returned.



TITLE of piece __________________________________________________________________

Medium/media used __________________________________________________________________

Artist’s full name ____________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

Phone___________________________________ email___________________________________________

With my signature below, I certify that this artwork is original, that I am its sole creator and that I am not a professional commercial artist.  I hereby give my permission for my work to be exhibited at the Archaeoacoustics III conference in Tomar, to be published in any news reporting media and in the book of proceedings of that event.  I further understand that it may appear on the internet in association with that event.  I will retain all other rights to the image and can use it as I like. I understand that the original of this artwork may not be returned to me so I will keep my own copies of it.  

Signed_____________________________________________ Date________________________