With offices in the USA and in Malta, OTS Foundation archives, collections and personal associations are highly valuable sources of support for professional media and institutional collaboration.   We regret that individual coaching is not possible.


It's not just Malta anymore, but that is where we started . . .

From its inception in 1994, The OTS Foundation held its focus on the prehistoric heritage of the islands of Malta and Gozo: a legacy that was not fully understood locally when Malta first became an independent Republic.

For seven thousand years, every major power that sailed the Mediterranean had occupied and ruled in Malta. Suddenly, a scant handful of people became responsible for managing a mind-numbing volume of cultural heritage. Ill-understood, monumental archaeological sites that are among the most ancient and significant ruins in Europe remained "under the radar" for a long time.

We are extremely proud to have played a role in bringing Malta's Temples into their own. Over the years, operation of OTSF non-profit cultural tourism to Malta channeled benefits back to the islands. 

Our proudest achievements include:

* The initiation of a conservation expert group meeting that launched both plans for protecting the monuments and the creation of Heritage Malta
* The production of educational materials for both teachers and students in Malta to grasp a better understanding of their prehistoric heritage
* The organization of a conference that revived excavation, research and scholarship about Malta's Temple Period
* The administration and organization of world class educational travel in Malta (see below)
​* The inception of a series of international multidisciplinary conferences on Archaeoacoustics: sound behavior in ancient space, that are launching a new field of study.

We introduced a program of continuing education for architects, helped back-breed prehistoric cattle, set up visiting lecturers, funded the University of Malta's Archaeology Laboratory and sponsored its first PhD graduate in Archaeology.  We have consulted for television documentary film producers in the USA and Europe, and created a lecture for the Smithsonian Institute Associates.


 Publication of the proceedings of the Third international conference on Archaeoacoustics
is now available from booksellers!  (AMAZON page.)

Programmed through its 24th consecutive year: "Malta: Keystone of Mediterranean History" continues to delight and surprise participants in our educational travel programs.  Exclusive VIP charter programs are now scheduled.  Check with Road Scholar.

OTSF is a registered provider for Road Scholar, Formerly known as ELDERHOSTEL

​for  Ove Torbjorn Strandquist,
once gave a child $50 and said:
"Do something that means something."


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